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For your residence authorization it is not a simple administrative authorization, but a resolution from the Immigration Office that will change your life and the future of your Family

Spanish Nationality / Visa and student card

Register reserved for professionals, this ensures that you will not make absurd mistakes and you will have a much faster response. Visa: Any foreign person who is in Spain for various reasons must prove it and present a series of documents so that everything is in order and not have any problems.

Work residence authorization / Family reunification

If you are a foreigner and you are in Spain for work reasons, studies or for any other reason, you have to regularize your situation with different permits that will allow you to be here legally. Family Reunification intends that a foreign person who is residing in Spain legally can bring his family.

Community card / Arraigo

If a foreigner is married or registered as a common-law partner with a citizen of the European Community, he can request the residence permit of the European citizen's family member. By Arraigo: When an immigrant lives in Spain for three years, he can request residence authorization by employment contract and is integrated into Spanish society. Also for self-employed and family

Immigration ABES

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The main differences in processing your file

Has coverage

It is a legal service where you have coverage, for example, if you are denied Nationality or have a settlement appeal, you would immediately claim.

Impulse resource

Also other procedures where the impulse resource is needed, if you do not receive an early response on your immigration file. This is because the impulse appeals is done when the administration does not say anything after the legal time for it to respond. a has covered everything that may delay your procedures, which are very frequent.

Personalized legal advice

We are very satisfied by our clients. Our professionals take the time to assure our clients that they understand everything, always bearing in mind that they are not specialists in legal matters.

They process immigration without the advice of a lawyer

Processing immigration without the advice of a lawyer, in case of refusal it will lead you to have to hire a legal professional to take the pertinent actions and obtain a positive result to your immigration file.

Save time and money

"Do not spend to carry out a first procedure and then have to consult a lawyer, save time and money"

100% Legal support

Invest wisely in a lawyer specialized in Immigration Law and obtain a favorable resolution in your process.